28 Goals to Accomplish While 28

Somehow in the past year I just never got used to being 27, and I’m already turning a year older! I think the realization that it’s about time to be a grown-up has really sunk in, though, which is definitely reflected in the goals below. While 27 was all about going to as many places as possible and experiencing as many new and amazing things as I could (you can see those goals and my review on how I did accomplishing them here), this year is all about going deeper, settling down, getting to know who I am, and living my values.

A brief word of background on these goals. Sometime in the spring, we’re planning to move back to South Florida — either permanently or temporarily, TBD. Having grown up there myself, and both gone to college in Miami, it feels like home. It’s relatively inexpensive, and the weather is hard to beat. Is this 100% our forever home? Who knows. But for now, we’ll be housesitting for/crashing with my parents while we figure that out.

Travel Goals

A beautiful sunset last summer at the sandbar in Stuart

  1. Ride a camel in the Moroccan desert. (Sub-goal: Stop typing “dessert” every time I mean “desert.”)
  2. Visit at least 3 National Parks, including National Historic Sites, Memorials, Preserves, etc., in Florida.
  3. Establish a savings goal and plan for our next “big trip” (probably not all over the world, but maybe as long as 4-6 weeks).
  4. Go camping. We started getting into camping before leaving on our adventure and I’d love to do it again since it’s such an incredibly low-cost way to travel.
  5. Dive South Florida at least 5 times in the next year.
  6. Get to know our own backyard — attend 5 or more free, local events.
  7. Attend 3 University of Miami home football games. We’ll have season tickets and friends to tailgate with!
  8. Spend more time with our Florida friends and family. For example, tagging along on my Mom’s weekly lunch dates with my grandparents or visiting friends who live a few hours away.
  9. Go to the beach at lease once a week while in Stuart.
  10. Visit a new city (out of state) in the U.S. that I’ve never been to before.

Personal Growth & Lifestyle Goals

  1. Get settled. I want to feel like I’m actually “home” for a little while.
  2. On a related note: Learn to be happy where I am. I have been afflicted with the travel bug my whole life, and I’m an over-the-top planner. This year, though, I want to focus on staying in the present and learning to be wherever I am today.
  3. Produce less waste, particularly around my food shopping/cooking habits. I want to shop bulk more, rely less on single-use plastics, and reduce the number of paper products (paper towels, napkins) I use.
  4. Learn to make my own bread and experiment with other yeast-based foods, like sauerkraut and ginger beer.
  5. Try & stick to an experimental diet program. Current contenders: ketogenic diet, Whole 30, veganism, or an Ayurvedic detox. The reason is less about health or weight loss, and more about the idea of challenging my assumptions about what’s “good for me.” I believe that everyone is totally unique and what’s healthy for one person may not be for someone else. I use this reason to justify eating tons of processed carbs, for example. I want to challenge my assumptions about what’s actually best for my body by actually sticking with a radically different approach to diet for long enough to find out.
  6. Save for a home. No specific dollar amounts yet, since we have no idea how much we’ll be making once we move stateside.
  7. Live more minimally. Whenever I think I need to buy something new, I’m going to ask myself whether I can: live without it, repurpose something I already own, DIY it, or buy it secondhand.
  8. Practice tennis at least weekly with Alex (whenever we’re in the same place).
  9. Find an organization to volunteer with.
  10. Get my back sorted out. I’ve dealt with issues in my back/shoulders/neck pretty consistently for over a decade. I’ve tried to manage the pain with yoga and massage, though usually never a targeted and long-term enough approach to either the see any lasting difference. This year I want to double-down on my yoga practice during the time that I’m in Morocco, and if that doesn’t work, try something with an expert (Rolfing, chiropractic, or acupuncture, for example) when I return to the States.
  11. Only read books written by women.
  12. Get better at surfing. I have no idea how to quantify this goal… It’s been fun playing with surfing again (especially with enormous beginner boards and baby waves), and I’d like to make that a part of my life back in Florida.

Career Growth

  1. Establish a private yoga teaching practice with committed weekly clients. Private teaching is incredibly rewarding and also far more sustainable as a career choice. I want to make this a key part of my work as a yoga teacher.
  2. Participate in 1 in-depth yoga learning program, whether that’s a formal teacher training, retreat, or workshop.
  3. Establish “pay what you wish” yoga on the beach in Stuart. No one steal my idea!
  4. Write more regularly (lately, it’s been 10 hours 1 week, and then no writing for weeks).
  5. Engage one new long-term writing and/or marketing freelance client.
  6. Teach 500 hours of yoga. This will bring me really close to earning the “E-” for “Experienced” prefix on my RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification.

And that’s it! (As if that’s not much…) What do you think — worthwhile goals? Any “must do before 30” milestones I’ve missed?

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