30 amazing outfits based on my travel capsule wardrobe

Outfits for travel

OK, so I’m addicted to Polyvore, and I can’t stop making these collages. Just for fun/because I’m insane, I decided to see how my ideal packing list (aka travel capsule wardrobe) would work out as outfits. Let me just say, what you see below is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much you could do with this stuff. And I’m probably going to go buy half the stuff I don’t already own.

Warm-Weather Outfits

Warm-Weather Outfits from a Travel Capsule Wardrobe


I definitely have the most fun dressing for warm weather. Since you don’t have to layer, there are just so many more options for mixing and matching tops and bottoms. Dresses play a major role in my warm weather apparel.

You’ll notice here, many of these outfits are still pretty modest and would be fine for churches and temples or more modest cultures. Pretty much the entire top row could also be thrown on over a bathing suit, which is awesome.

Cool-Weather Outfits

Cool-Weather Outfits from a Travel Capsule Wardrobe


I’m using “cool-weather” pretty loosely here, and basically just talking about the kinds of temps we’ve experienced on this trip: Daily averages in the 50s to 60s, maybe an occasional 40F low. With enough base-layers and outer layers, though, I think you actually could get by all the way down to freezing. (Maybe with the addition of a light, packable puffer jacket.)

If you were going to be in a real cold climate, though, I’d probably pack an extra pair of leggings or tights, swap the shorts in the capsule for a pair of black jeans, and switch out 1 tank top and 1 t-shirt for long-sleeved shirts.

Outfits for a Night Out

Dressy Outfits from a Travel Capsule Wardrobe


It’s not often, but I do occasionally want to look a little bit nicer. This is pretty easy in warm weather, but definitely a challenge in cool weather. If you were going to be in cold temperatures for a longer period of time, I’d switch out one of the pairs of sandals for thick-heeled booties.

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