Gear Review: Pacsafe Travelsafe 12L

Pacsafe Travelsafe

No matter what you’re taking on the road, it’s important to keep your stuff secure. There are several options out there, including locking your bag to something. You also may encounter many hotel safes and lockers in your travels, but if someone else has a key or access to that storage area, it’s hard to feel 100% secure. Read on below for my thoughts on our Pacsafe Travelsafe 12L, which in my opinion beats the other options by a long shot.


Combination Lock

This may seem silly, but there are plenty of bag locks and travel safes out there that use keys instead of a combination. Having already misplaced several larger items along our travels, the thought of losing the key to a pretty rugged and indestructible bag that often contains our computers, Kindles and passports is frightening. Just make sure you always turn the combination after you close it and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. With 1000 different potential combinations, you’ll probably get back to your stuff before any would-be thief could crack the code.


The Pacsafe Travelsafe 12L is the perfect size to hold all of the aforementioned valuables with room to spare, but also small enough to fit snugly in the back of my Osprey Farpoint 40 when moving from place to place. If it was any smaller and I wouldn’t be able to fit my MacBook Pro; any larger and it wouldn’t fit in either of our bags without taking up valuable space. Note: there’s a smaller 5-liter bag that’s great if you’re not carrying a laptop.

As a side note, we did see some questions on Amazon about whether this bag would cause problems when going through security (since it might look like a bomb). We’ve both carried-on and checked our luggage with the safe inside many times and never had an problems at all.


I haven’t tried cutting this thing with a knife, but if you take one look at the outside and see the steel mesh running through the outside as well as the braided steel rope closing the top, you feel pretty confident that no one could get in there unless they came specially equipped. When you hear horror stories about people getting cleaned out during the Full Moon Party, it’s nice to have a little peace of mind with your own safe.



Securing it to something

There isn’t much to complain about with this safe – and this feels like nitpicking something that I don’t have a viable solution for – but every now and then we find ourselves in a bare-bones room that doesn’t have much if any furniture to lock the safe to. You need to secure the safe to something sturdy that the cord can’t be slipped off of, and many times this means hugging the toilet (not in that way) or attaching the safe to the sink. It could be worse, and while I trust this safe to defend against several things, water isn’t necessarily one of them. That’s why I’m always a little nervous when the safe is locked in the bathroom.

No matter how nice your lodging may seem, it’s silly to take a risk on losing valuables that you’re traveling with. I never traveled with a travel safe before this trip, but even if I find myself back in the US going for a weekend jaunt, I have no reason not to take this with me. You can purchase a Pacsafe Travelsafe 12L here.

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